The Big Shift

The Big Shift – in progress

A climate change campaign for Christian Aid.

Cassette tapes. Dial-up internet. Three-wheeled cars. There are some things that are so behind the times that no-one in their right mind would invest in them today. Extracting and burning fossil fuels (coal, oil and gas) will soon be top of that list because we know that they are unsustainable, they are hurting our earth, and burning them accelerates the warming of our world.

I worked with Christian Aid to create a suite of materials to support the campaign, including: A5 folder pack with campaign guide and USB stick, 1-sider campaign brief, petition sheets, direct mail, web banners, social graphics, a stunt (scheduled for London in mid-October) and Welsh language versions of downloadable resources.

If you believe that fossil fuels belong in the past, you can join the campaign here:

And play with the interactive PDF here: (25MB)