Microloan & DLKW Lowe poster

DISCLAIMER: I did not design this poster. Not even nearly.

I took part in a campaign by DLKW Lowe and Microloan to support women in Malawi and Zambia to work their way out of poverty. The idea is that you make a donation in exchange for a poster that DLKW Lowe design for you. This poster is what they came up with for me.

It was very strange being the client, and I like to think that my years of experience made me a polite and sensible one. I didn’t even ask them to smother it in ‘make the logo bigger cream’ or anything.

If you are here because you saw one of my posters, please drop me an email and let me know where you saw it – they definitely don’t feature in my regular commute from Bethnal Green to Oxford Circus (although I tend not to wear my glasses before I get to work, so who knows?!).

Made you something poster